Why Buy HYVE

There’s no constant plugging and unplugging to fray the connection between your lightning cable and plug. And as well all know, the biggest advantage to wireless charging is the experience of convenience. It may not make too much difference to you in the beginning, but when all your accessories are charge-pad-enabled, and you have charging pad inside a desk drawer. your things would always be at full capacity when you need to use them.

The best part? You only need one wireless charger for multiple devices. There’s no need for you to unplug your iPhone to charge your friend’s iPhone and vice versa. And now that many smartphones (including the iPhone) supports charging mats, you should expect to see them to later appear in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. Charging mats may soon become as common as free Wi-Fi in many public areas.

As tempting as it is to purchase a wireless charger labeled under a generic brand, you’ll need to think about its durability, compatibility and lifespan. How many devices do you own? Will it be for personal use or shared with a companion or two? Many of us believe that we can buy a replica and get away with it. To ensure that you get that most out of your investment, choosing what fits your budget, lifestyle and usage is key to scoring the perfect wireless charger to suit your needs.

A good wireless charger should meet all of the criteria below:

  • Compatible with all Qi/PMA enabled devices
  • Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices for Apple & Android
  • Rocks an anti-slip surface with a Micro-USB input
  • Supports charging speeds of up to 15 watts (9 volts/1.67 amps)
  • Has over temperature protection for maximum charge safety
  • Under adequate warranty coverage and customer support
  • Sold at a substantial price range for techies on-the-go

If you’re an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X user, you’ll need to look for a wireless charger that supports the Apple-specific 7.5W power output. This will allow you to charge your device at a considerably faster rate than a conventional wireless charging pad.

Our latest creation, the FLASH Wireless Charger, meets all the requirements above, and comes in two versatile colors: graphite gray and frost white.

Our technology has been used by 30+ World Tier-1 brands around the world, and we will continue to integrate beautiful design and craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, delivering technological advanced products that fit seamlessly into your home and effortlessly integrate into your life providing convenience, style and unparalleled performance. Let’s cut the cord, keep the power, and charge away!

You can view the list of compatible phones on our website, hyveus.com.