The Future: Wireless Charging by HYVE

Wireless charging is bringing us closer to the future. It’s fascinating to see your phone powering up, simply by placing it on top of a wireless charging pad. How does the energy go from one device to another without cords? Without all that crazy wiring? This process is easier than you think and we’re gonna dive into the basics.

Wireless charging, or inductive charging, transfers energy electromagnetically between twothings. These two things happen to be your charger and your smartphone, and there are littletransmitters in the wireless charger that talk to receivers inside your smartphone. These littleguys ensure that your charger doesn’t try to power up every nearby object it touches.

Now, how do you know your phone’s gonna be compatible? In today’s market, a specificstandard is used to help determine if your phone has the capabilities of charging wirelessly. Theestablished standard for wireless charging is called Qi (you can pronounce it as “chee”). Andthankfully enough, all the latest wireless charging accessories sold by most phone companiesare Qi charger certified. It can be an iPhone wireless charger AND a Samsung wireless charger.

Not the biggest fan of regular chargers always breaking? You’d have to wiggle the phone cordand pray your heart out to your phone to achieve the right angle, and hear the majestic beepconfirming that the battery is being replenished. Or how you ravish in untangling cords in thedark before and after getting out of bed? Wireless charging makes all of these worriesdisappear. How do you use it? You simply need to plug the wireless charging pad into a powersocket, and as long as your phone has built-in wireless charging capabilities, you can easily putyour phone on top of the wireless charging pad and watch the magic happen.

How can you indulge yourself in this seamless luxury? By trying out the new The HYVE FLASHFast charger. It’s our latest and fastest universal phone charger yet, as it offers the highestoutput with unprecedented power protection for all your smartphone devices. Made with highquality durable materials and topped off with a leather and high sheen texture finish, excelling inboth gratifying you with a superior experience and aesthetic at any given time of your life.

Not to mention, it’s FAW-bulous.

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