Our technology has been used by 30+ World Tier-1 brands around the world.

  • North America
    United States:
    Microsoft, Google, Nexus, JBL, Verizon
  • Europe
    Netherland: Philips
    Finland: Nokia
  • Asia
    China: Sunvalley, Haier, Anker
    South Korea: LG
    Japan: Sony, Toyota

Adding To Performance

Through silicon firmware, power delivery circuitry, coil characteristics, and electro-magnetics.

  • Power Density

  • Position Freedom

  • Efficiency

  • FOD


  • Coil Characteristics
    • High Q-factor Coil / Resonator Design
    • Magnetic Fields Distribution

  • ElectroMagnetics
    • Multi-layer coil array (Litz & PCB)
    • Mutual Inductance Optimization
    • Uniform Flux Distribution

  • Power Delievery Circuit
    • Adaptive Matching Network (AMN)

  • Silicon Firmware
    • Dynamic Charge Control (DCC)
    • Localized Charging Algorithm (LCA)
    • Safe Power Transfer (SPT)

Free motion and placement versatility

Position freedom

• Supports all QI Enabled Devices
• Position Free Charging

Multi-device, simultaneous charging

• Cross brand multi device charging supported
• Dynamic power adjustment
• Simultaneous multi device charging

Fast charging

• Quick Charging 15W output power
• Faster Real-time temperature monitor
• Safer Secure Identification
• Reliable