Essential Gadgets for Students in 2018

While some students have the time and luxury of habituating in a familiar environment by staying with their other family members, others don’t have that option available, especially when the school is a few hours away from home. For these type of students, dorm life is their way of life.

If you’re currently behind in your program of study, taking summer courses is a great way to catch up. Plus, you also have the option to move up in your curriculum and benefit from increased student-professor interaction. For upcoming students excited about moving in their dorms during the summer, here are some gadget essentials you may want to take with you:

Student-friendly Laptops

Sure, it might be tempting to get your parents to buy you the shiniest, most  expensive MacBook available in the market or that stunning new gaming laptop from MSI, but alas, you gotta stick with one at a reasonable price. Are you really keen on getting the best of the best? Or are you dedicated to getting your reaction papers or the slides for your presentations in time for class? Keep in kind that you have to start making wise decisions. And a fair warning, you’ll be carrying that laptop everywhere you go.

On-the-go Smartphones

The benefits of a modern, multi-function phone for a college student cannot be overstated. Is your teacher or class monitor about to erase whatever he/she wrote on the whiteboard? Get a quick photo of it. Need to remember some keywords in one of your professor’s lectures to study? Jot them down on your phone. Your device comes to the rescue to record class discussions, storing relevant data in your subjects, and organizing them in advance comes in handy, especially when exams are closing in.

Portable Desk Lamp/Night Light

A nice cordless desk lamp with night light features is a win in our book. With LED lighting and a green night light base feature that helps alleviate eye fatigue while studying, can help you relax and lower your chances of waking up your grumpy roommate. Another cool thing to note is that they have flexible necks, and dimmer tap touch settings to adjust brightness.

From moving around the bedroom to the kitchen to study, you’ll love how easy it is to carry it around cause it’s cordless! Don’t you hate walking through dark hallways due to unplanned late night bathroom trips or cravings for midnight snacks? And through rare cases of blackouts, you’ll be a glimmering lighthouse of hope.

Portable CCTVs

You’re bound to encounter people who would turn out to be your lifelong friends even after you graduate, though chances are, you would also run into folk you’d rather not deal with on a daily basis. The worst part? They could be plagued with sticky fingers! If you can convince your roommate that having an affordable yet easy to use wireless security camera in your room can bring you sunshine on a rainy day. There’s even cool apps that let you directly connect them to your phone, so you can take a peek at your temporary living space when you’re away at a local coffee shop for a quick breather.

External Hard Drives

Like every other source of knowledge, you gotta get yourself a reliable external hard drive. Backing up your files is super important. And that means anything and everything that you might possibly need. On a side note, you’ll be taking that with you almost all the time, so you better choose one that’s not too bulky and doesn’t need a separate power source to boot it up.

Another cool suggestion to put into consideration is to sign up for a cloud hosting service. There are a tons of free services available, and you can take advantage of them. Pronto. When it comes to schoolwork, you wouldn’t want to yell out in anguish when your not so bright group-mate accidentally deletes the final copy of you’re precious term paper while he/she was using your laptop in your temporary absence for coffee. You can never be too careful with these things.

P.S. You have no idea how amazing it feels to work on the same file saved on your Dropbox account.

Wireless Chargers

Before your day ends, what better way to recharge your trusty gadgets with technology that you can trust, suit your tech lifestyle, and promote a more healthy, tangle-free lifestyle with HYVE’s QI-compliant FLASH Wireless Charger. Our wireless charger is compatible with iPhones, Android devices, and other cool stuff that supports the wireless charging feature. Just like  the rest of your tech checklist, they’re portable, practical, stylish, and 100% safe.

Why not give it a go and ditch the unnecessary detangling of wires that take up 99% of your time? Join us and enjoy the safest and most effective way of recharging your smart devices. Cut the cord, keep the power, and charge away!

Best Tech Fitness Gadgets 2018

Whether you’re just an average Joe, a complete fitness junkie or you’re simply looking into getting back that beach body from 2011, we’ve put together a quick rundown of some of our favorite health-related gadgets to help you get yourself ready for action.

Wireless Sports Earphones

Now, you’ve seen plenty of wireless earphones coming out in the market, but what makes a good pair your very own is when they feel comfortable and at the same time stylish that could even be used for other purposes. So in most cases, we don’t recommend the chunky or heavy set of headphones. We totally believe you should consider switching to ones that have hooklike supports that lets you run or jog at ease. Sound quality is also a key factor when purchasing a new pair of sound busters.

Bluetooth Speakers

Music makes the world go round, so if you’re not after getting yourself a pair of earphones, why not blast out some of your favorite workout tunes with some durable bluetooth speakers? Let the heavy bass levels, radical looks and overall brilliant sound quality take over your inner workout beast.

Big things come in small packaging. Developing portable devices is a big win for all of us. They’re great for cookouts, outdoor and indoor workouts, and the latest models have been guaranteed waterproof, which means they’ll be ready for any water sports or super chill stuff like beach yoga.

Electric Juicers

Fiber, one of the most important nutrients for the body that helps us prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, and improve overall our digestive health. And as we all know, not many people don’t get enough fiber. We’re pretty guilty of this predicament as well.

One way of ensuring you get enough and digest quickly is to simply get yourself a nice juicer. Juicers in the market right now came out with a feature called ‘FiberBoost technology’, which enables you to choose the texture of juice you prefer, with just a push of a button, you get thirst quenching clear juice or a more delectable creamy juice containing fifty percent more fiber.

The best part? They’re super easy to clean! And that means you’re more likely to keep up the juicing and not ditch it when you don’t feel like washing it. They make great gifts for your fellow fiber buddies, too!

Rechargeable Protein Shakers

Ever met any protein shake addicts? They’re such cool people to hangout with! We have a great idea — why not get them a protein mixer that doesn’t require any manual shaking. I mean, a couple of them have already sweated hard enough in their daily regime, right? A sweet push a button and the shaker does all the work for you. It’s a great feeling to be made aware that your beloved powdered drinks are mixed to perfection with less chances of chomping on those bring it on lumps at the end of each gulp.

Hybrid Shaver And Trimmer

Keen on scoring more gadgets that radiate health and beauty? One of the best things that today’s innovative techies ever invented is a hybrid shaver and trimmer that can be used to trim, edge, and shave any length of hair on any part of your body. Grooming you in all the right places, as having a dual-sided blade for precise edging gets the job the done for mean yet clean smooth textures. What’s great about today’s shavers is how super compact and lightweight they’ve been manufactured for easy tossing into your travel bag. Plus, your sisters or gal pals are more likely to use it during the summertime.


You can’t go wrong with the latest smartwatches designed for fitness fanatics that come with killer features, yet can also be used by normies on-the-go. From helping you track your workouts with ease, to rocking a sleek yet comfortable design that’s bound to turn heads at the park or the gym. And thankfully, for all the right reasons. This gadget is a must have for those not just looking to keeping track of time.

Wireless Chargers

After a long day of hard work, what better way to recharge yourself and your gear with technology that you can trust, suit your tech lifestyle, and promote a healthy and wealthy way of giving time for everything — HYVE’s QI-compliant FLASH Wireless Charger, is compatible with iPhones, Android devices, and other gadgets that support the wireless charging feature. Plus, it comes in two colors: frost white and graphite gray. They’re exceptionally portable, practical, stylish, and 100% safe.

Join us and enjoy the safest and most effective way of recharging your smart devices. Cut the cord, keep the power, and charge away!

Future Chargers

In the near future, sitting all the way on one side of the sofa so you can use your phone while it’s awkwardly attached to a charger will soon be a thing of the past, as you can finally be able to charge away swimmingly without worrying about pulling away from your not so favorite cable charger.

Many companies, like HYVE, are working on bringing today’s generation over-the-air wireless charging to many of our beloved modern devices. And you know what that means? Your next phone, fitness band, laptop and/or tablet could get a serious dose of energy charge just by passively resting on the shelf as a paired device that is within range and in dire need of juicing up to bring your a-game on.

Keep in mind that the farther the things are placed from the power source, the slower they’ll hit 100%. Certain gadgets will charge faster when they’re closer, but with other devices — like keyboards or temperature sensors — they can surely absorb power at greater distances.

Soon, wireless charging pad speeds will double, maybe even triple, and over-the-air chargers will be available in the market.

Not only that, environmentally friendly cars, known as electrically powered ones, will be getting an upgrade as well. With the growing demand for smartphones and other computing devices in the 21st century, the market is also being driven by the scope of the technology for the field of wireless charging for many electric vehicles. From what our current sources say, the wireless charging market for electric vehicles in Europe is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.4% by 2023.

Travel Wireless with Hyve

Many travellers essentially aim to come across wireless charging in airports, as this type of technology is being pushed to soon be eventually found in all hotels and resorts, and most importantly, later becoming available anytime and everywhere in public spaces like coffee shops and interior-friendly restaurants.

Currently planning a trip with your tech savvy comrades? You’re down to the last part of the checklist, figuring out how much of your devices you can take with you, and what you’ll need to keep them fully functioning to capture your favorite moments during your journey.

We are made aware that Apple’s new handsets are the latest additions to the wireless charging trend, which includes the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X smartphones, as well as Apple Watch 3 and its wireless AirPods earbuds, more brands will be sporting this feature and hopefully hit all mid-range phones in 2018. We’re proud to say that majority of the certified iPhone users will step up their game and become part of the wireless charging revolution. Several Android smartphones already comply with this innovative discovery, including the latest Samsung Galaxy models, HTC’s upcoming U12, LG’s recent 2017 flagships and Sony Xperia Z3V and Z4V.

And with more Qi wireless charging tech coming out in mid 2018, it’s an absolute thrill to know that it’s now possible for you and your friends to simultaneously recharge your phones, bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and wireless earphones.

Should you and your pals consider purchasing wireless chargers for the road? The answer is YES. Going on trips with a lot of Qi-compliant devices, means that your power banks are going to need all the help they can get to keep your personal tech charged and ready for battle.

At this part of this stage, the current struggle is finding the right wireless charger to suit your needs. Stuck on getting the one on sale for your Android? Not wanting to let an iPhone user feel left out? Look no further! HYVE’s QI-compliant FLASH Wireless Charger, is compatible with iPhones and Android devices, and comes in two colors: frost white and graphite gray. Plus, they are exceptionally portable, practical, stylish, and 100% safe.

Join us and enjoy the safest and most effective way of recharging your smartphone devices. Cut the cord, keep the power, and charge away!

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Why Buy HYVE

There’s no constant plugging and unplugging to fray the connection between your lightning cable and plug. And as well all know, the biggest advantage to wireless charging is the experience of convenience. It may not make too much difference to you in the beginning, but when all your accessories are charge-pad-enabled, and you have charging pad inside a desk drawer. your things would always be at full capacity when you need to use them.

The best part? You only need one wireless charger for multiple devices. There’s no need for you to unplug your iPhone to charge your friend’s iPhone and vice versa. And now that many smartphones (including the iPhone) supports charging mats, you should expect to see them to later appear in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. Charging mats may soon become as common as free Wi-Fi in many public areas.

As tempting as it is to purchase a wireless charger labeled under a generic brand, you’ll need to think about its durability, compatibility and lifespan. How many devices do you own? Will it be for personal use or shared with a companion or two? Many of us believe that we can buy a replica and get away with it. To ensure that you get that most out of your investment, choosing what fits your budget, lifestyle and usage is key to scoring the perfect wireless charger to suit your needs.

A good wireless charger should meet all of the criteria below:

  • Compatible with all Qi/PMA enabled devices
  • Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices for Apple & Android
  • Rocks an anti-slip surface with a Micro-USB input
  • Supports charging speeds of up to 15 watts (9 volts/1.67 amps)
  • Has over temperature protection for maximum charge safety
  • Under adequate warranty coverage and customer support
  • Sold at a substantial price range for techies on-the-go

If you’re an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X user, you’ll need to look for a wireless charger that supports the Apple-specific 7.5W power output. This will allow you to charge your device at a considerably faster rate than a conventional wireless charging pad.

Our latest creation, the FLASH Wireless Charger, meets all the requirements above, and comes in two versatile colors: graphite gray and frost white.

Our technology has been used by 30+ World Tier-1 brands around the world, and we will continue to integrate beautiful design and craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, delivering technological advanced products that fit seamlessly into your home and effortlessly integrate into your life providing convenience, style and unparalleled performance. Let’s cut the cord, keep the power, and charge away!

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The Future: Wireless Charging by HYVE

Wireless charging is bringing us closer to the future. It’s fascinating to see your phone powering up, simply by placing it on top of a wireless charging pad. How does the energy go from one device to another without cords? Without all that crazy wiring? This process is easier than you think and we’re gonna dive into the basics.

Wireless charging, or inductive charging, transfers energy electromagnetically between twothings. These two things happen to be your charger and your smartphone, and there are littletransmitters in the wireless charger that talk to receivers inside your smartphone. These littleguys ensure that your charger doesn’t try to power up every nearby object it touches.

Now, how do you know your phone’s gonna be compatible? In today’s market, a specificstandard is used to help determine if your phone has the capabilities of charging wirelessly. Theestablished standard for wireless charging is called Qi (you can pronounce it as “chee”). Andthankfully enough, all the latest wireless charging accessories sold by most phone companiesare Qi charger certified. It can be an iPhone wireless charger AND a Samsung wireless charger.

Not the biggest fan of regular chargers always breaking? You’d have to wiggle the phone cordand pray your heart out to your phone to achieve the right angle, and hear the majestic beepconfirming that the battery is being replenished. Or how you ravish in untangling cords in thedark before and after getting out of bed? Wireless charging makes all of these worriesdisappear. How do you use it? You simply need to plug the wireless charging pad into a powersocket, and as long as your phone has built-in wireless charging capabilities, you can easily putyour phone on top of the wireless charging pad and watch the magic happen.

How can you indulge yourself in this seamless luxury? By trying out the new The HYVE FLASHFast charger. It’s our latest and fastest universal phone charger yet, as it offers the highestoutput with unprecedented power protection for all your smartphone devices. Made with highquality durable materials and topped off with a leather and high sheen texture finish, excelling inboth gratifying you with a superior experience and aesthetic at any given time of your life.

Not to mention, it’s FAW-bulous.

  • Fits Your Style
  • Always By Your Side
  • Works Hard With You

We at NUEVO only collaborate with the best companies and manufacturers that share ourmission and vision of perfection and quality that meets our rigorous standards. We thoroughlyengage in high quality technology and materials that have been fully examined and produced toensure you that only get the very best products delivered to your doorstep with a goal to put ourcustomers first, gives you the power, the protection and the quality that certifies HYVE as yourgo-to wireless phone charger buddy.

Charger Safety by HYVE

Ever wondered how safe your current phone chargers are? And the risk of using an imitation or a cheaper alternative for your devices? Let’s look back on how valuing quantity over quality can make a difference with your current mobile charging lifestyle.

Is saving a few bucks at the spur of the moment worth the hype? Think about the short-term advantages you get out of it and the long-term disadvantages you get later on from using a charger that has no certification from your device’s manufacturer. We’ve put together a set of reminders for you to know and understand the benefits of safer mobile phone charging.

1. Never leave your charging phones unattended.

House fires are no fun. It’s advisable not to leave your phone charging while you’re sleeping or when you’re fully distracted with other tasks around the house. Always make sure to charge it closer to your current location.

2. Replace your faulty charger.

Got frayed cable, loose connections, and wobbly plug pins? These are signs of a worn out or damaged charger.

If you notice any exposed parts on your charger, cover it up immediately. Having electric tape is handy and can give you a sense relief for a short amount time but keep in mind that you need to buy a new one as soon as possible.

3. Don’t overload your sockets

We all know how tempting it is to plug several mobile phones and other devices into one wall socket using a multi-plug adaptor but charging them all at once can lead to drastic results. Even if long strip adaptors are considered to be safer, it’s best not to plug everything simultaneously, so don’t overload them either.

Take notes on your power consumption and standby time of each of your devices, and let them take turns instead.

Don’t want to deal with all those things? Go wireless!

Wireless charging, known as inductive charging, is both safe and effective. Our wireless chargers are compatible with both iPhones and Android devices.

With HYVE’s newest addition to the family, the HYVE FLASH charger, offering the highest output with unprecedented power protection for all your Qi standard devices, is our safest and fastest universal charger yet. Just place your phone on the universal charging pad and you’re all set. Wireless charging is now at our fingertips, and it never felt so good.

What are you waiting for? Cut the cord, keep the power, and charge away!