Charger Safety by HYVE

Ever wondered how safe your current phone chargers are? And the risk of using an imitation or a cheaper alternative for your devices? Let’s look back on how valuing quantity over quality can make a difference with your current mobile charging lifestyle.

Is saving a few bucks at the spur of the moment worth the hype? Think about the short-term advantages you get out of it and the long-term disadvantages you get later on from using a charger that has no certification from your device’s manufacturer. We’ve put together a set of reminders for you to know and understand the benefits of safer mobile phone charging.

1. Never leave your charging phones unattended.

House fires are no fun. It’s advisable not to leave your phone charging while you’re sleeping or when you’re fully distracted with other tasks around the house. Always make sure to charge it closer to your current location.

2. Replace your faulty charger.

Got frayed cable, loose connections, and wobbly plug pins? These are signs of a worn out or damaged charger.

If you notice any exposed parts on your charger, cover it up immediately. Having electric tape is handy and can give you a sense relief for a short amount time but keep in mind that you need to buy a new one as soon as possible.

3. Don’t overload your sockets

We all know how tempting it is to plug several mobile phones and other devices into one wall socket using a multi-plug adaptor but charging them all at once can lead to drastic results. Even if long strip adaptors are considered to be safer, it’s best not to plug everything simultaneously, so don’t overload them either.

Take notes on your power consumption and standby time of each of your devices, and let them take turns instead.

Don’t want to deal with all those things? Go wireless!

Wireless charging, known as inductive charging, is both safe and effective. Our wireless chargers are compatible with both iPhones and Android devices.

With HYVE’s newest addition to the family, the HYVE FLASH charger, offering the highest output with unprecedented power protection for all your Qi standard devices, is our safest and fastest universal charger yet. Just place your phone on the universal charging pad and you’re all set. Wireless charging is now at our fingertips, and it never felt so good.

What are you waiting for? Cut the cord, keep the power, and charge away!