About Us

Founded and based in the Silicon Valley, NUEVO is a design and technology centered lifestyle company. At the bleeding edge of modern innovation. NUEVO combines forward technologies and artful design to create products that transcend past the physical and connect at the deeper emotional center of the user. We believe in the WHY and not the WHAT, and aim to provide products that fit perfectly into any environment while providing impeccable quality and performance. We only collaborate with companies and manufactures that share our vision of perfection and quality and have the capabilities to meet our rigorous standards. Engaging only in technology and materials that have been thoroughly vetted and developed with ensure to provide only the absolute best products with a driven customer service to back them.

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What is Hyve

Hyve is a technology and lifestyle focused startup based in the silicon valley. We integrate beautiful design and craftsmanship with cutting edge technology delivering technological advanced products that fit seamlessly into your home and effortlessly integrate into your life providing convenience, style and unparalleled performance.

CPS Granted Patents Patent Number
Inductively Powered Sleeve for Mobile Electronic Device US 9,087,345
Single-Phase Self-Driven Full-Bridge Synchronous Rectification US 7,855,529
Modulation Circuit and Method US 8,290,463
Methods And Systems For Detecting Foreign Objects In A Wireless Charging System US 8,836,171
Methods And Systems For Detecting Foreign Objects In A Wireless Charging System US 9.187,361
System and method for operating a mobile device US 9,438,315

Our Technology Partner

Our technology partner holds over 50 patents on wireless charging. Our technology partner has deep know-how, its technologies having been proven in products, in volume, since 2009. Scalable across consumer and mmobile, automative, furniture and buildings, medical and health applcations.